How JHSF Became a Significant Real Estate Company

11:01 pm on December 6, 2018

JHSF is a real estate holding company in Brazil. Founded in 1912 as JHS, JHSF is the first company in the South American nation to focus on recurrent income assets. These assets include hotels, airports, shopping malls, and many others. Operations of the real estate firm are mostly in Brazil, but the company has establishments in Uruguay and the US. Over the years, JHSF has developed real estate projects covering over 6 million square meters.

Currently, the Brazilian company has over R$ 1.20 billion market value. JHS founders are Jose Roberto and Fabio Auriemo (siblings), plus their partners. At the inception stage, the company carried out construction and real estate development. Later, JSF split into two companies- JHSF and JHSJ. JHSF head was Fabio Auriemo, while JHSJ’s leader was Jose Roberto Auriemo.

In 2001, JHSF started operations in the shopping center segment. Its first shopping center development was Shopping Metro Santa Cruz. The Sao Paulo mall is unique because it has a subway station. Two thousand one was also the same year JHSF became Fasano Group Hotels’ major shareholder.

JHSF is also the builder of the first luxury fashion mall in Brazil. It is the Catarina Fashion Outlet. Established together with the mall is Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport. This JHSF-constructed airport is the first private airport in Brazil. One of the most significant players in JHSF rise is Jose Auriemo Neto who took over the reins of JHSF in 1993.

Since rising to the top of his father’s company, Jose has made it a real estate giant. Under Jose’s watch, JHSF has invested in hotels/ restaurants, shopping centers, and residential/ commercial buildings. When the chairman took over, he created Parkbem in 1997. Parkbem is a wing of JHSF that specializes in parking lot management.

His next move was creating a shopping center department that handles JHSF’s shopping malls. Jose Auriemo Neto has extensive experience since he also worked as CEO of the company. His job at the time involved managing brand interests covering hotels, public developments, and office buildings. Jose also made deals with Pucci, Hermes, and Jimmy Choo.

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Rebel Wilsons New Motherly Role

10:32 pm on December 5, 2018

Taking part of the Universal world, Rebel Wilson is planning on playing a role in a long running Broadway film called Cats. This musical has a history that dates back to 1981. The musical film is based on a book called Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter

The musical was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. One song in the musical called “Memory” is a classic. The role Rebel will play in the new film is that of Jennyanydots. Jennyanydots was an old gumbie cat whose job was to make sure the mice and roaches remained decent members of society by making them do helpful jobs.

The other characters in the Broadway production and book thought Jennyanydots was lazy because she did nothing during the day but lay around. Jennyanydots fools everyone because at night she jumps up and works teaching all the little rodents and bugs. She looks after the mice, roaches, and all the little kittens. Rebel is a perfect fit for this role with her friendly motherly attitude. Rebel Wilson grew up in Australia.

Wilson was born in Sydney, Australia. Through out school Rebel Wilson had many classes in theater and art. She was an excellent scholar and was studying to have a career in mathematics. After traveling as a youth ambassador to South Africa one year, Rebel contracted malaria.

Her feverish bout of malaria caused her to have hallucinations of becoming an actor and winning awards. Once she overcame the malaria, Rebel was convinced that acting was the career that was for her. Rebel moved to New York and began acting. Over the years Rebel has starred in many theater and movie roles, and is loved by many fans. Rebel Wilson is known for her imaginative outlook on life. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List and Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book

Rebel Wilson has a great sense of humor and this is why many of her most loyal fans say they can relate to her. Rebel’s weight loss struggles and openness about her body have also caused many people to adore her.

There are already many news stories about Rebel and her new role. The new musical film Cats is set to come out December of 2019 adding even more history to Rebel’s amazing career.

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Discover How Aloha Construction Can Help You With Your Home Upgrades

9:13 pm on November 30, 2018

There are thousands of people that have had their home or business ravished by recent storms or inclement weather. The Aloha Construction professionals have been able to make superior upgrades. They’re proud to be based out of beautiful Lake Zurich, Illinois. Customers have access to a certified Aloha Construction technician with a guarantee on their services. Ironically, they got their start as a small roofing and siding company and grew their corporation into what it is today. Aloha provides several unique services that enhance your home or businesses. Your home gets the superior upgrades that you would expect from the professionals.


There have been over 400,000 business and home upgrades that have been completed in Lake Zurich by Aloha. Their roofing service is their most popular home upgrade feature. They have been able to install the roof on thousands of homes and businesses. They understand how a leak can create structural damages to your home and provides upgrades for many styles including a French roof. They’re experts in the four-sided roof design with excellent materials that create safe communities. Their eco-friendly material is available during your free home or business estimate. Many customers choose their cedar wood type from among their shingle style types.


Lake Zurich is proud to be home to the Aloha Construction professionals. You can also get siding options that will make your home look great. Choose from durable eco-friendly aluminum or classic vinyl. They understand how important your siding is to the cosmetic design of your home or business. You can choose from actual samples during your no-obligation consultation with Aloha Construction. Their 3-D software will help you see exactly how your design looks before you ever decide to choose to get actual services. Your siding upgrade will make all the difference in the look of neighboring businesses and residences.


Aloha Construction also offers services like mounting your television on the wall. Their recent program outreach has allowed their clients to make their wishes come true. They recently sent a cancer patient to their first professional basketball game as part of the Make A Wish Foundation participation. Learn more about the Aloha Construction professionals by visiting their website for more details.

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Betsy DeVos: The Woman Fighting For Educational Reform

11:20 am on November 27, 2018

While Betsy DeVos may currently be serving in the Trump Administration as the Education Minister, the values that she has stood for through the course of her career have been far from the ones that are showcased through the administration. For DeVos, the main focus has always been on improving the education system from within and has been working towards that goal for an incredibly long period. This has led to several new endeavors that she has been able to help bring to life.



Since the beginning of her career, DeVos has always been a staunch believer in the American education system. To her, this was the one avenue that could help the country grow in a positive direction, which could lead to the overall development of society. While this was brilliant by principle, there was not much being done to enforce this. The Education system in America had not witnessed any development for an incredibly long period and was falling behind when compared to countries all over the world. Because of the lack of good education, the country was not growing at the pace that it could, and DeVos knew that it would fall upon her to make the change that she wished to see. With the support of a few likeminded people, DeVos set her sights on improving the school system in America.



One of the first endeavors that DeVos decided to take on in support of this was the School Charter Movement. Within America, the discrepancies that exist between the private and public school systems are enormous. Public schools run on public funds, which means that a portion of the taxes that its citizens pay is actually being used to help educate the children. Because of the manner in which these schools are funded, they don’t always have the right kind of resources to be able to provide the children coming there with all that they would need. In many instances, this was something that hampered the growth that a child could experience. Charter or private schools on the other hand always have a lot more resources and are thereby better equipped to provide children with everything that they would need to learn and grow. Because of these factors, Betsy DeVos felt that this was a school system that would function better for the needs of American children. With that in mind, she stood at the front of the Charter School Movement, and become a prominent figure for educational reform in America.



There is no doubt that DeVos has already had a significant impact on the education industry in America. With her position, she has tried to bring as many ideas of hers to live to bring forth an ideal education system that works best for the needs of the country.



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Adam Milstein Dedicates His Life To Helping Israel And Its People

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Both Adam Milstein and his wife Gila are dedicated to serving the Jewish community and the world at large with the Milstein Family Foundation. As a couple, the 2 believe in the importance of strengthening the country of Israel and the Jewish community in general throughout the world. The Jewish homeland of Israel has very important ties to the United States and they believe it is important for these ties to stay strong and be strengthened even further for the good of both countries and their people.

Through the Milstein Foundation, Adam Milstein sees a vision for the future of professionals and others identifying with and being proud of their Jewish roots. He works to train and educate people through the organization to give them training and education so they have knowledge of the state of Israel so they feel more connected and advocate for their homeland and others in the Jewish community at their schools and in their larger communities.

Gila and Adam Milstein have 3 principals that the Milstein Family Foundation is guided by. These are Life Path Impact which hopes to engage their community at all ages, philanthropic synergy in which they partner with other organizations, and active philanthropy that means that they invest their time and resources along with providing funding for different organizations. By combining these 3 principals, they are able to have a wider impact than they would be working only as an independent organization.

When Adam Milstein isn’t actively working with his philanthropical efforts, he is also a leader of the Jewish community and a real estate investor. Both he and his wife are veterans of the Israeli military and show a great deal of pride in their country. He began his career in the commercial real estate industry in in83 while living in Southern California with his wife and graduated from the University of Southern California that same year. He earned his MBA from the school after graduating in 1978 from Technion. Currently, Adam Milstein is with Hager Pacific Properties where he is a Managing Partner. He co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he currently acts as the National Chairman.

How Cloudwick Is Affecting Cloud Data Services

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Cloudwick is one data services company that has truly capitalized on the potential of cloud and data lake services. Defined as a proprietary, insular pool of raw data, a data lake is a necessary piece of infrastructure for any company that hopes to manage data in a sensible manner. Raw data represents roughly 80 percent of data generated by enterprises of all types. By using a data lake, any company can reduce the use of redundant storage that wastes company resources.

With the benefit of a data lake, it is possible for users to peruse data without conducting taxing preparatory labor. Companies like Cloudwick are doing their very best to spread the good news about data lakes. This new type of business technology can facilitate bold new successes for companies who adopt the data lake model early. Arguably, Cloudwick data lake experts are among the most knowledgeable professionals in their field. To date, these experts have helped a wide variety of businesses improve their data management procedures. More specifically, Cloudwick can create outstanding solutions for companies that use Amazon Web Services (AWS). Considering the fact that Cloudwick currently manages more than 50,000 data clusters on AWS, this company’s effectiveness and experience is beyond question.

In many industries throughout the nation, companies are rethinking their data policies. Besides reducing their data expenses, companies are looking to reduce the amount of man-hours they spend on data manipulation. Particularly in industries that are deeply competitive, it is crucial to look for ethical ways to counteract competing organizations. Companies like Cloudwick (CW) are attempting a number of different ways to develop online data solutions that will last for the long-term. Although the future is never absolutely certain, it seems that CW has established the conditions necessary for indefinite commercial success. Without doubt, data lakes and other Big Data innovations will continue to change the face of modern business. As businesses start using data lakes, they can be sure that they are utilizing the tools they need to handle their operations responsibly.

The Realization Of Your Need For Help Through Talkspace

1:41 am on November 8, 2018

In the grand scheme of things, mental health awareness is still not getting the recognition that it deserves. Sometimes it takes someone that is in a celebrity spotlight to draw attention to this and say that it is a topic that requires some type of discussion. For Talkspace, a therapy app, it would take Michael Phelps and his partnership to boost recognition about the need for better mental health awareness and counseling.

In the area of counseling Talkspace is an application that provides written information by way of text messaging. This is a nap environment where certified therapists are getting involved. They are able to help you find directions with the issues that you are going through.

Sometimes these issues that you are having may not have anything to do directly with your own mental health. At times you may need therapy just to handle situations with other family members or friends that may be having issues with their health. There are counselors in place through Talk Space that can help you with a wide range of issues.

The person that refuses to get help to talk about their issues and their anger will essentially find themselves looking for ways to lash out at others that they feel have caused them to become angry. This is not the proper way to respond. You should not let anyone get the best of who you are. This is what counselors from Talk Space can help you realize.

It is good to have a certified counselor that can help you channel your energy in the right way. You may need guidance on things that can help you beat your depression. There are people like Michael Phelps that saw need to get connected to a professional. When you get connected with the right therapist you have the ability to sort out what your issues may be.

Everyone does not always realize that they need help until they get help. When you talk about your issues this is when you realize just how much you have to express about the way your life is unraveling.

The Corporate Philanthropy of Stream Energy

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In the world of corporate philanthropy Stream Energy is solidifying itself as a leader. The company unveiled the Stream Cares Foundation. The new arm of the company will be a more organized and outspoken charity with the aim of helping the Dallas area and beyond.

The model Stream Energy employs is one of direct energy selling. Company associates are paid to build up networks of clients, delivering services and products such as mobile phone plans and fixed-rate energy. Those company associates earn added commissions for sales and work almost like entrepreneurs who run their own business. These employees also engage in a spirited charity campaign on their own, as well.

It’s a three-fold approach: Stream Energy gives financial support back to community projects, employees engage in personal causes and personal time of members of the company is donated to help area campaigns and charities. The whole process helps companies like Stream gain the loyalty and respect of the local clients they are serving.

One obvious example of this three-fold approach is the partnership between Stream Energy and the also Dallas area-based Hope Supply Co. The two organizations work together on an annual event called Splash for Hope. The event takes place at a water park where local homeless children are provided a meal, donated by Stream Energy, and get to indulge in a day of play and fun. Hope Supply Co. is a charity which provides diapers, school supplies and clothing to homeless children.

Stream has had a presence at unplanned events like natural disasters, as well. When Hurricane Harvey caused havoc in Houston, the company was one of the first to offer financial support to victims who had lost their houses or businesses to the unfortunate event.

Stream Energy also provided quick aid to the victims of the North Texas tornadoes of 2016. Partnering with the Salvation Army, the company was integral in the raising of thousands of dollars for those in need. It’s textbook Stream: company associates raised the money, and the company matched the funds. A win-win scenario for the Dallas area and America.

Information About OSI Food Solutions

12:57 pm on November 6, 2018

When food companies are looking for a food-processing company to work with, many of them choose to work with OSI Food Solutions. OSI has been delivering food services to their customers and they have been developing a high-quality reputation within the food industry, as well. They are also one of the biggest companies in that industry. They have recently made their company bigger with their acquisition of a new food plant in Chicago. The company has a number of food plants in Illinois, Utah, California, Wisconsin, and Iowa. OSI Food Solutions has their headquarters located in Aurora, Illinois. Learn more about OSI Food Solution at Wikipedia.

The food plant that OSI recently purchased was a Tyson Foods plant before it shut down. OSI has another food plant in Geneva, Illinois that is near their new food plant. After the closing of the Tyson Foods plant, OSI hired many of the workers who were employed at that food plant. OSI looks for employees who know about the food industry and who want to work in the food industry. Many of the people who were working at the food plant that closed were people who had experience working in the food industry. OSI is a company that is growing, and if there are employment opportunities available with their company, that employment information may be on their website.

OSI Food Solutions has been delivering a variety of food-processing products to their customers since they have been in business. They process a number of different types of beef products and pork products. They also process a number of different types of poultry products, pizza products, and vegetable products. Their processed beef products include foods such as beefsteak, burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf. Their processed pork products include foods such as pulled pork, roasted pork, sausage links and patties, as well as bacon bits and bacon strips. OSI also processes chili, soups, corn, tomatoes, breads, crusts, pepperoni, fish, and hot dogs.

Some food companies who are looking for a food-processing company to work with choose to work with OSI Food Solutions. OSI is a company that works hard to be a high-quality food company.



Paul Mampilly: Wall Street to Main Street

5:40 am

Changes for a Wall Street Player

Paul Mampilly is enjoying a second career that came from the success of the first. After becoming a highly successful portfolio manager on Wall Street, he transitioned into building a career in publishing. Mampilly gives advice on investing for the average person using his investing role at Banyan Hill.

It Began in Rural India

Paul Mampilly’s father was raised in India, and after college moved to Bombay. Finances were a struggle, making long term savings plans difficult. In 1974, the family moved to Dubai. The move coincided with a growing economy. Thus, the family began living a life they once could not imagine. Investor Paul Mampilly and his sister both graduated from college with Paul getting his bachelor of business administration from Montclair State University in 1991, and later a master degree from Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Wall Street Career

Mampilly began working on Wall Street once he earned his bachelor’s degree. He held several positions, beginning as an assistant portfolio manager and eventually portfolio manager for Bankers Trust Company. He would go on to hold positions as a research assistant, senior research analyst and hedge fund manager. Paul Mampilly also managed to invest in little known companies that have since gone on to make a fortune for stockholders.

Main Street

Wanting an increased focus on his family life, he returned from Wall Street in 2016 and joined Banyan Hill Publishing as the senior editor. Mampilly realized that his knowledge had not been distributed properly while he worked on Wall Street. He wanted to make it accessible to the average person. Once, only investors that were financially well off were able to benefit from the knowledge that he possessed.Paul Mampilly is dedicated to affordably getting his financial advice out to the majority of Americans. Banyan Hill was originally The Sovereign Society when it was founded during 1998. The publication is based on promoting autonomy and self-reliance. Mampilly became part of the financial experts on the team after the publication was rebranded during 2016.